Hay view from Castle

Hay view from Castle
Hay-on-Wye, Powys (formerly Breconshire), Wales. The "Town of Books" (and Vaughans!)

Pics of our People

John Vaughan 1825-1897
Maranah Watkins Vaughan 1827-1904

Cousin Cheryl, who has helped provide much material gathered by the late June Burdett, a great genealogist, has suggested that we have a place for pictures of Vaughan descendants. This is a good place to start.

Ben & Cheryl Herold. Cheryl is descended through John Vaughan 1825,
William Vaughan 1855, and Mary Ann Vaughan 1879.
As converts to the LDS Church, Cheryl is very pleased to find
that Elinor was an early member & pioneer. She believes Elinor
guided the missionaries to them and I have no reason to doubt.

Thomas Vaughan's (1850) widow & children about 1896.
Emily, John Thomas, Elizabeth Jane, Martha Maranah,
Isabella Bowman, William Lorenzo,
Bertha, May, and George Robert Vaughn
"Taken Stockton, Durham, England 1886 just before leaving for America
your grandmother Emily age 10yrs, her mother Isabella
Elisabeth Jane 8 yrs, Martha 3 yrs, George Robert 10 months,
John Thomas 5 yrs."
That's Isabella Bowman Vaughan (1858-1919)
wife of Thomas Vaughan (1850-1894) and five of their children.

Don Vaughn, WWII Bronze Star.
Descended through John Vaughan 1825,
Thomas Vaughan 1850,
and George Robert Vaughn 1886.
Grant Vaughn Family, 2002 (when we were cute!)
Angela, Andrew, Alan
Grant, Linda
Anne, Adam, Aaron.
Descendants through John Vaughan 1825,
Thomas Vaughan 1850, George Robert 1886,
and George Vaughn 1910

Karen, Vickie, & Judy at Hulet Monument,
Springville City Cemetery, Utah
August 29, 2013
(Judy pointing to 'Eleanor Jenkins Vaughan' name)

The late, and very great Genealogist,
June Tingey Burdett & husband Glen.
Descended through John (1825),
William (1855), and Mary Anne (1879)
Thanks, Cheryl! 

Please email any photos you would like submitted with an explanation of your line of Vaughans to grant.vaughn[at]gmail.com. We want to be careful about personal information of living people as this is a public blog.

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